Originally from the LA area, Gretel started working with hand weaving after moving to Santa Fe 40 years ago. She learned about natural plant dyes and techniques, which lead to learning to weave, combining influences from the surrounding western landscape and traditional weaving styles of Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia and Mexico. Gretel’s business has grown and evolved from jackets and accessories to a popular line of home interior pieces and wall art. Using primarily high quality American cotton chenille, every hand woven piece is unique, with an unmatched attention to detail of colors and patterns. “I love to watch something grow before my eyes as I weave,” says Gretel, “It satisfies a special part of my soul to see every detail come alive in my designs.” When Gretel is not at her loom or designing, she is spending time with her other passion, horseback riding, another way to connect with the traditions and beauty of the West.




Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, this animal-lover visited Northern New Mexico for years, especially when getting away from the hot, humid summers in NOLA. Upon retirement, Barbara Ann moved to a mountain village on the High Road to Taos. Thejedores de las Trampas, a weaving studio in Las Trampas, NM, introduced her to weaving 15 years ago. She started with rag rugs as that was the tradition in Las Trampas. Eight years ago she moved to Taos, NM, and added wool rugs and tapestries. She’s had a life long fondness of color, and weaving with New Mexican hand-spun and hand-dyed wool, especially Churro, has given her fulfillment.





Grew up in Berlin, spent some time in France, California, and Seattle, and now lives in Maui and Santa Fe. "I have been a painter and sculptor for over 25 years and became involved with glass in 2015. I have always been attracted to organic shapes, textures and forms. During my time as a painter and sculptor, I realized that in order to arrive at an organic end product, I have to go through an organic process. Glass is, in my experience, the ideal material for this approach. Between heat, gravity, and centrifugal force, glass takes on a life of its own and as the artist, I end up collaborating with the material, rather than trying to dictate an outcome."

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Kevin Patrick uses techniques gleaned from 30 years of design and building experience to create abstract works that are filled with expression and exploration. After earning his BA in Art from Cal State University in the 1980s, he followed many other professional paths but always found ways to work in creative fields. In 2011, he relocated to New Mexico with his wife to work full time on art. Kevin enjoys the abstract style because it frees him to get to the source of the idea. Most of his work is in mixed media but is dominated by acrylic paints. "In 2020 I started creating assemblages that contain recycled art, found objects, and other items that stretch
back my entire life. I have been gathering objects since I
was very young and this gave me a way to use them to create pieces using old images to create new ones...I get lost in the search, the hunt to find and put the images all together and make it work.”






Bill Todino has been photographing, exhibiting and selling in New Mexico since moving from the greater Denver area in 2006.  The blend of cultures, incredible colors of the Southwest and fantastic New Mexico skies are mostly the photographic subjects for Bill.  Primarily a landscape photographer, he is comfortable with birds, street scenes, and architecture as well. Bill is essentially self-taught, enhancing his craft with professional workshops, domestic and international.  As an amateur, Bill has exhibited in many community art spaces in Santa Fe and Rio Rancho, and sells greeting cards to many vendors in New Mexico.





Jeanine is a master pastel and oil artist with numerous awards and publications in the Southwest. A Texas native and world traveler, she now calls Santa Fe home. "The intersection of abstraction and realism is where I find myself working in painting landscapes. To discover the abstract in reality and see realism in abstract color and composition is a balance; I don't want to abandon either one but try to pursue an equality between the two. Ultimately, for me, it's a life-long quest for the beauty of a moment in nature, exploring and using a wide-range of painting mediums."




Assemblage Sculpture

Laz, a native of Havana, Cuba, is a self-taught assemblage and mixed-media artist who lives in Santa Fe. His work evokes a spiritual and mystical story: dreams, visions, ephemeras of Saints, found objects, a Catholic background and a spiritual soul are all elements. "My work is not about any specific religion. My work is about a connection between you and my art." Lazaro's visions come from dreams, nature walks, and a few artists that have been an inspiration to his art life. "I feel blessed. I'm following my Journey..."

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Glass and Recycled Sculpture

Mitch is founder and director of Fuego ABQ Studio School. He does everything from studio construction, art instruction, apprentice training, and fire-building. After working as a studio artist for 15 years, Mitch founded Fuego as a way to build community through art-making. 





Max Julian was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the rich culture and history have inspired him to pursue photography as a passion and a career. Close mentorship by photographers Janet Russek and David Scheinbaum and having the opportunity to help develop prints from original Ansel Adams negatives with photographer Alan Ross, has greatly shaped Max’s knowledge and experience, both behind the lens and in the darkroom. In the Fall of 2010, Max received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from UNM. Outside of such photography greats as Ansel Adams, Sebastião Salgado, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Max has also been influenced by Impressionist painters. Interest in the compositions and textures of Pierre Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas, can be seen in Max’s abstractions, patterns and non-narrative imagery.



Woodblock Printing

A North Carolina native, Genevieve moved to New Mexico to attend UNM, and is currently focusing on her Masters of Art History and Fine Art. Although already a master of technically challenging large-scale woodblock printing featuring complex symbolic imagery, she would like to eventually teach.



Designs of Erika

Erika is a Swedish-born Santa Fe artist who marries form and function in all that she creates. 
She transforms hardy materials originally made to withstand the elements into sleek, contemporary pieces that are as practical as they are stylish. Something viewed as purely functional by many, morphs into sculpture with Erika’s vision and nod to Scandinavian design. Her creations have been featured in galleries and exhibits in both the United States and Sweden. These designs in woven and clear vinyl are practical as they are attractive. They are stain, mildew, fade, and mold resistant. Some are waterproof.  Careful attention to detail results in light weight articles that hold their shape. Erika's goal as an artist is to “create pieces that both enhance and beautify the world around us.”

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“I want to make the ordinary extraordinary and depict beauty in the unnoticed and represent the ambience of a place and time that has a special, memorable, or familiar iconic presence. Many of the places I paint are rural scenes that include abandoned buildings that have a long history. I try to capture the beauty and a sense of time and place, focusing on light and shadow and the abstract qualities in the puzzling shapes that warp over a surface. I use the colors and tones, along with bright contrasting whites and shadows created by the hot sun. I was raised in Indiana but lived in Massachusetts, New York City, Europe, then Montana and Santa Fe. With 40 plus years as a dedicated painter I am still looking for complex and hidden compositions in the seemingly simplest of places.” Sheila Miles has exhibited in over 300 gallery and museum exhibitions, in 150 public collections, and is an art consultant, mentor, and teacher.






A native of Los Angeles who has lived in New Mexico on and off for decades, Wyatt Welker now makes his home in Santa Fe. Although originally a cartoonist, he now primarily paints portraits in acrylic, a medium often overlooked simply because it is bad. He soldiers on, however, driven by his current obsession with the human face. His favorite movie is the one where Anthony Edwards dies in the La Brea Tar Pits in the end.






Santa Fe artist working primarily in oils. For the past ten years Raquel's paintings have focused New Mexico churches, Southwest architectural features, and high-desert plant life. These have lead to her current series and original interest and passion: indoor still-lifes–be they traditional florals and fruit, or more quirky subjects. She grew up primarily in Oregon, Texas and Italy and spent several years in North Africa and France as a teen. Travel has always been a passion, but living in Northern New Mexico has awakened in her the fascination with light and shadows, color and form. She hopes this passion shows in the many subjects she paints.




Captures the wonder of nature’s ephemera by casting carefully selected specimens into solid sterling silver, ancient bronze, and gold. Shells, branches, minerals, coral, pods, and leaves are all transformed into wearable jewelry emphasizing the inherent sculptural and textural qualities of the original. Precious and semi-precious stones chosen for their unique qualities embellish and are celebrated in much of the work. Every piece tells a story of the profound human connection with nature. Laws of Nature is a collaborative process between Michelle McGregor and Suzanne Thornton. Each brings a unique perspective and sensibility to the collection along with a passion for design, casting, and fabrication. They both live with their families in the high desert landscape of Santa Fe.





Will Geusz, of Willin and Chillin Arts, is a ceramicist, woodworker and sculptor from Albuquerque. His creative career began as a mosaic arts apprentice in 2009. In 2017 he began working for Metal the Brand as an installation artist. Will has created large-scale works for public spaces and events, and started a vigorous practice in a personally constructed studio space. Since 2019, his focus has been on slip-cast ceramic sculpture. Will sculpts each design and mold, finishing each piece with a unique combination of glazes. His artworks range in scale and function, and are often inspired by nature or sci-fi. 




Encaustic Collage

Ginny Wallace-Curry is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and comes from a family of artists. She moved to Santa Fe in 2011 after retiring from a career as a lawyer and labor arbitrator. In retirement, she is able to devote more time to her lifelong passion: making art. Over the years, Ginny has taken numerous and diverse classes and workshops across the country and in Italy. She works in many media: ceramics, collage, printmaking, encaustic, painting, drawing, and book arts.

Across all media, her work searches for the magic and mystery in the past and present worlds. She has carved ancient symbols, real and imagined, into clay. Her collages and encaustic paintings combine the ephemera of life, from magazines, books, nature, and found objects, to tell a story or create interesting juxtaposition of images and patterns. In all media, texture heavily inspires Ginny’s work.





Inspired by the frescoes and fairy tales of old Europe, Lisa began creating her painted canvas dreamscapes in 2010. Both romantic and ethereal in feeling, they evolved naturally from her prior 10 years of experience painting murals and decorative finishes for homes. Working mostly large-scale, her paintings become a "glimpse of serenity" that invites the viewer to wander into a timeless world. In her airy Northern New Mexico mountain studio, she lets the images grow naturally, using tinted gesso, acrylic, pastel, glazes, stencils she makes from pressed leaves and flowers, her nature sketches, or historical designs, to build layers of organic pattern and texture. Flowers, birds, and animals emerge, colors shift between faded and fresh, as she explores her landscape that is partly real, partly imaginary.

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