Handwoven Handsewn Handbags
Various sizes and colors
Ranchera Wallpiece
Vertical fringe wall art weaving, hand dyed cotton chenille and mixed yarns
Black and White with Turquoise and Red Wall Hanging
Handwoven cotton chenille with mixed yarns and ribbon, approx. 35"x58"
Giselle and Antigua Lumbar Pillows
Left Giselle Tan and Light Blue Lumbar approx. 18"x12"x8"; Right Antiqua Strip Barb's Blue Lumbar approx. 18"x10"x6"
Patchwork Bolster Long
Handwoven, handsewn cotton chenille with patchwork light denim on back. Approx. 39"x10"x6"
Small Lumbar Pillows
Top: Casa Grande Mesquite Plata approx. 18"x11"x7"; Middle (sold); Bottom: Antiqua Stripe Citrine and Nugget approx. 17"x11"x7"
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New Mexico Churro wool, approx. 23"x36"
Late Spring Snow
New Mexico Churro wool, approx. 23"x34"
Harvest 2
New Mexico Churro wool, approx. 23"x40"
Summertime and the Sunflowers are Tall
New Mexico Churro wool, approx. 24"x33"
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